Last year I learned how to surf at Capitola, just south of Santa Cruz.  Along with a friend, I enlisted in a two-day, all-day surf camp through Adventure Out.  It cost me just under two hundred dollars, and it was worth every dime.

Since then I have become obsessed with surfing: buying a wetsuit, reading surf reports of places I’ll probably never visit, and trying to surf at every opportunity.  This summer I surfed exactly once at Easton’s beach in Newport, RI.  The conditions were glassy (read: flat), but I had fun trying to catch any and every wave that gently lapped up on shore.

I’m out in San Francisco, trying to squeeze in a summer of missed opportunities in one week.  School starts soon so the urgency is even greater.

The plan is to surf Pacifica today, Cronkite/Rodeo tomorrow, watch the experts at Ocean Beach Saturday, and head up to Bolinas Jetty on Sunday, and check the body on Monday to make sure it’s still intact.  My home base is here in the Mission District, a colorful (including people, houses, and characters) section of San Francisco.

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