Reminder:  I am an English teacher.

Below is a found poem, a poem that was not written so much as found.  I’ve “written” found poems in the poetry classes I teach, often by using classified ads.  Sometimes they look a little something like this:

3BD $750  1000sq. ft.                                                                                                 

pd laundry on site

util. incl.

no pets must see

Below is a found poem from my cellphone’s text messaging center.  It details, up until the actual moment, my vy to get World Series tickets.  Events include cooperating with friends for the first and second days the tickets went on sale and also trying to tickets through other outlets.

The 27th.  I do not work.  Possible rox vs bo sox.  Want to go if i can get tix?

Rox. Sox. My head might explode.

Baseball heaven.  Coming up next weekend on a prayer.

Not looking good.  I’ve been trying for 55 minutes.  We can always hang out and watch the game.

Tix on sale at noon!

I tried.  They are sold out.

3 & 4 sold out.

Gonna try 4 tix in Denver.

Check yer email for tix.  Don’t have internet tonite.

Any word on tix?

Not yet. Still hoping.

We must manifest them! See ourselves in the skybox!

Tix fell thru.  I will not lose hope.  I believe.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

And believe I did.  I got tix through an old friend and my friend Geoff (featured above among the many messages) paid mucho $$$ to a broker for a single ticket.  But we both went and watched baseball history.