Yes, pigtails.  The kind Pippi Longstocking sports and the kind oft-seen on fast food chain Wendy’s cups.  Do pigtails make otherwise mature women seem juvenile, pathetic, or otherwise ridiculous?  Perhaps.

But for the woman, age 12-60, with a metropolis of hair, hair so thick it doesn’t fit in most barrettes, braided pigtails are a godsend.

Let me explain.  I partake in many sports–mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, nordic skiing, and any kind of running.  These sports toss, not tousle my hair about.  If I put my thick hair up in a regular old pony tail and go nordic skiing for a couple of hours, by the end of those two hours there are enough nests in my ponytail for a colony of rats.  If I pass over the ponytail and opt for unbraided pigtails, I’ve got the same amount of nests, they’ve just been neatly divided into two.

So I head to the shower, grab my most gentle comb and begin to exterminate the nests, one gentle pull at a time.  After about fifteen minutes I’ve got broken hairs in the sink and (more) split ends in my hair.

But braided pigtails cure all athletic-induced hair evils.  Braid away, strap on your helmet or pull on your wool hat, and leave the nests and knots behind.  At sport’s end, just unravel.

So next time you see a woman too old for pigtails wearing them, consider that she might just risk looking ridiculous for practical reasons.

Now tell me you’ve never done that.  I’ve seen your yellow rain slicker.

SheSpoke sports pigtails at the start of the epic Kenosha Pass ride

SheSpoke sports pigtails at the start of the epic Kenosha Pass ride