As a semi-professional adventurer, I am constantly thinking about my next vacation. On the heels of my breakthrough day at Sol Vista on Thursday, I was tossing around the idea of an extended road trip to Utah and Idaho to snowboard.

Because my trust won’t kick in, until, well ever, I Googled in search of the ever-elusive discount life ticket.  Time well spent, as the internet revealed some of its secrets to me today. I found amazing deals on lift tickets. is by far the best.  Tickets at nearby A Basin (another high altitude resort just down the street from Loveland) are running at about 50% off. I purchased a lift ticket for this Wednesday for $24.99.  Other than free, that’s the best bargain I’ve ever had the pleasure of almost using.  Liftopia reminds me of travel sites in that it allows you to view days and prices a week at a time. So, if your days are flexible, you can choose the cheapest day. Which I was able to do. does more than just provide discount lift coupons. It also has rental info, weather info, lodging, maps, and ski shop hours for its brick and mortar establishment in Idaho, Springs, CO.  It’s just a stone’s throw from the aforementioned A Basin and Loveland. It offers the usual 10% discount, which, when the regular price is upwards of $60, doesn’t seem like a bargain at all. has the best domain name, Google-y speaking. But the deals usually hover again around 10%, and I can get better than that with my Gems card. is being offered by those purveyors of petroleum, Shell gasoline. Now, the Shell gas station near my house just happens to abut the highway so it’s about ten cents more than I usually like to pay. But when I spent $10 at Shell, I got a voucher for a two-for-one deal at any of the following resorts: Winter Park, Copper, Powderhorn, and Monarch.

I’ve skied everywhere but Powderhorn, and I’ll be enjoying major discounts there and Monarch with my Colorado Gems card. So, I’ll probably use it at Winter Park, whose lift tickets this year are selling at NINETY-TWO DOLLARS.

Ridiculous, I know.

Stay tuned for an update on Wednesday’s outing at A Basin.