Holidays have come to mean recreation for me. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the birthday of one of the greatest civil rights leaders to ever grace this earth, a day or week off means it’s time to get out there and bike, hike, surf, snowboard, or whathaveyou.

Now before you go calling me sacrilegious, imagine how spiritual and profound it is sailing over rocks, swishing down a mountain on a board, or paddling out among Mother Ocean’s wave. Imagine the peace and serenity that comes gliding through a pine-dotted forest of through a snow-covered meadow.

During these times, I have thought deeply about the true meaning of Christmas, bemoaned the myths behind Thanksgiving, embraced patriotism on Flag Day. You get the idea.

So it was with this intent, of spreading the love and peace, two of Dr. King’s favorites, that I wrote a piece for the Denver Examiner on Five tips for boarding on MLK Day. These tips hold true not just on this auspicious occasion, but for all holidays.