The famous venue, minus a famous rock band


The famous concert venue, which attracts so many music pilgrims, is also known as a killer, free gym to those of us who can’t stand the idea of working out inside. I’ve belonged to exactly two gyms in my life (the Y and Curves), and after a promise or two of showing me the weight equipment and not following through, I dumped them both.

I do not do elliptical machines. I do not ride stationary bikes. I do not get up before the crack of crack just to beat the crowds.

Instead, I pray for snow in Denver so I can cross-country ski out my front door. Then I pray for no moisture so Green Mountain dries up so I can ride my mountain bike there in the middle of January and not screw up the trail with deep tire tracks in the mud. I pray that last week’s snowstorm has left residual snow crystals at Matthew Winters so I can haul out my trail runners and get a good workout in.

In fact, the only time I like to work out inside is during the winter, in a pool. Otherwise it feels so…artificial.

So I leapt out of bed this morning around 7:30, resolved to hit Red Rocks for some stair running, interval training, and planter-climbing (more on that last one later).

New benches/seating is going in. Fabu!

Red Rocks is packed on the weekend, with some kind of fitness club and hundreds of people. It’s too crowded for my taste, so I prefer, like most things, to hit the Rocks midweek.

Concertgoers will be glad to hear that Denver’s tax dollars are going toward re-benching the stands. A few workout stragglers were there, as I arrived precisely at 9AM, 12 minutes after leaving my front door.

I ran to the stairs, down the stairs, and across the bottom five rows of stairs. Then, I beelined for the tree planters, where I do the only climbing I ever do: grab the top of the planter, plant a foot here and there in the flagstone, engage the core, and climb up the planter. I usually climb six or seven planters, steal a drink of water, then run back down the stairs and do it again.

Yoda says: "Climb up the planters you will."

Best 45 minute workout ever. Really.