I’ve been mountain biking for almost a generation. I’ve been on all kinds of rides: dirt road rides, rides up 14ers (that’s Colorado-speak for a mountain that tops out over 14,000 feet), super-technical rides in Moab, and loamy singletrack. I’ve also been on all abilities of rides–I’ve ridden with mountain bike virgins and racers. (I prefer virgins.) The thing is, whether you’re riding like the world is ending tomorrow or whether you’re riding like it’s a Sunday afternoon drive, the point is you’re riding.

I’ve thought about this distinction for years, as I’ve ridden with girls and guys. When riding with girls, we’re having a heck of a social time, gabbing it up and taking frequent breaks. These are nice rides, as I still get a hearty workout in, I get to spend quality time with friends, and I get to inhale the gorgeous Colorado scenery.

But there’s something to a guy ride, a take-no-prisoners approach where it’s a race to the stop and stopping is a sign of weakness. I wrote about this Mars/ Venus distinction for TrailsEdge last week: Dude rides vs. chick rides.


Yesterday was a killer road ride that was all dude, with a dude. Tomorrow is a mountain bike ride that will be all SheSpoke: solo, focused, lotsa food and drink, and with only mandatory breaks.