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February 2020: Time to fire up the blog again. I’m here to share my adventures with anyone who cares to visit. I have temporarily deactivated my other social media channels–Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram–to devote time to a blogging community with authentic engagement.

In mid-March, as a shelter-in-place order loomed, SheSpoke and one of her longtime recreation partners and good friend low-tailed it out of Denver to her small condo in rural, southern Colorado. They bought internet and wool clothes and hunkered down with daily hikes while hopefully clinging to their day jobs as educators.

The smile of impending warmth: Collecting wood on a cold April evening (2020) in rural southern Colorado
Meeting icebergs in Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand July 2019

SheSpoke is a life-long sports enthusiast. As a child, she moved from the sandbox to the playground to the track to the field hockey field to the volleyball court. At twenty-two she discovered the mountains and began hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Then she learned how to surf and salsa dance, which she still does badly. Next came road and urban assault cycling. Maybe she owns one too many bikes. Her 40s were a series of injuries and other setbacks; she’s ready for cautious fun in her 50s. Hopefully she’s exiting her expensive shopaholic phase.

Falling in love in Paris. With a coat November 2017
Frolicking in Bermuda’s Sargasso Sea on her 48th birthday. (Thanks, Mom!) June 2018
Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park on White Friday November 2019

Sports have afforded SheSpoke the tangible success that life does not always provide. The solitude, scenery, and sun gave her plenty of time for reflection, strategizing, stargazing.

Snowshoe up, snowboard down at Cuchara Mountain Park in Colorado.
Still trying to figure out a setup. January 2020

In 2011 SheSpoke returned full-time to the classroom to teach unwitting high-schoolers Beowulf and persuasive writing. She has since moved to the dark side of education–administration–and is currently pursuing her master’s in library science. Before that she freelanced as an educator and writer and loved every exhausting day.

Sunsets and swimming in Moorea, Tahiti Christmas 2019
Cruisin’ fjords in Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand. July 2019

Her blog post on road biking Colorado National Monument was Freshly Pressed by WordPress on September 27, 2011.

Independence Monument, a beautiful product of erosion, in the background

Her article on the 2011 Leadville 100 mountain biking race was featured on Venture There, USA Today’s adventure arm of their travel section. So was her article on the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame in Crested Butte. She wasn’t afraid of fluff pieces or battle of the sexes stuff.

Back in the aughts she wrote for a host of different outlets. One of her favorite gigs was writing a weekly women’s history column. Here’s one of her favorites on female pirates and one on women’s history month.

Throwback to 2005, when a bunch of rocks constituted a mountain bike trail. Lair O the Bear, Morrison, CO
Life during the pandemic is both literally and figuratively an uphill climb. SheSpoke is living next to an abandoned ski area until Denver becomes a tad more hospitable.

You can email her at shespoke@gmail.com.

8 thoughts on “About the author

  1. You rock. Love your site. I’ll get something together about Curves as soon as I’m not panicking about getting a job. I swear it.


  2. Hi,

    I work with your Mom & she told me about you mountain-bike mishap. She said that you “scare the shit out of her,” which made me smile because that’s basically the effect I always had on my Mom. Now that I’m 48, she rests a bit easier. Anyway, I wish you a speedy recovery, Tracey.




  3. Hey, I think you need a mobile med center to follow you around, your an animal. Be careful and I really love your site. Don B
    P.S. Glad your riding again


  4. Hey, glad your still doing this, I am living in Greenville SC, still riding and I am a Chemist for a research and development company. Just finished a cancer charity bicycle ride from Greenville SC to Lewiston Maine, beautiful countryside and caught the changing of the leaves just beautiful, take care, love Don B.


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