Women Cyclists You’ve Never Heard Of

There are very few instances when I get to write about women, feminism (sssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone), history, and cycling all at once. When I get to do those on a day when I also get to go on a bike ride, I’m pretty much living the life.

This week I profiled four women cyclists in history who were good, and not just good for a girl.

I’m Not Equipped

Acrid smells are never good, and white smoke isn’t either. Put them together and you have one snowboarding-less Sunday. Yup. Today was the day I was going to brave I-70 traffic on a weekend and head up to Loveland with my bestie and her daughter and friend.

After the powder-fest last weekend, the I-70 resorts have seen little snowfall since last Tuesday. But ya know what? I’m a purist. And I can’t very well consider myself a snowboarder if all I can do is go from toe to heel in only above-average conditions. I mean, what will happen when I (eventually) hit Killington? I’m screwed. East Coasters, please take a moment of smugness.

So I’m looking forward to spending more days on the mountain with hardpack snow and dealing with some icy patches.

But I didn’t make it to the mountain today. I probably won’t make it on Tuesday, either, even though we planned a school trip to Eldora. I probably could take RTD to Boulder and then take the ski bus to Eldora, but we’re talking about five hours round-trip of bussing. Plus, who wants to board a commuter bus with a snowboard? I’m tempted.

So where does this leave me? Without a car, and I learned from my local bike shop today, without a bike. Ha ha! Just kidding! Even though I pared down from five bikes to two in the last few years, I would never be without a bike. I would go out and buy another clunker just so I wouldn’t be bike-less. The Yeti is still in the shop (what’s taking so long handlebar-mustache guy?), but the Univega Range Rover is ready to rock and roll.

The tow-truck guy who took my white Subi away today looked at my mud-splattered jeans and listened to my huffing and puffing. “Reduced to riding a bike, eh?”

Reduced? Riding bicycles is a step up from driving a car any day of the week. And to put my money where my mouth is, I’m commuting 13 miles round-trip for the next three days. It’ll be slushy, but it’ll be anything but a reduction.

Steel frame and knobby-ish tires are perfect for commuting