After a three-year hiatus from Mexico and surfing, it was time to get back on the ocean-horse and see if I can still paddle. We spent three hours at Zippers, a fast, mushy point break between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Above is the highlight of the day, a full ride into shore on a 10-footer. Excellent day.

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Although I’ve lived in Colorado for 15 years and love snowsports, I can point to only a small handful of years where I actually went out and bought a pass. Plopping down $400 for the promise of 10 trips to the mountains just isn’t a good enough deal for me.

Ski resorts know folks like me exist, folks who value quantity over quality, folks who like diversity in their skiing.

I am always on the lookout for great skiing deals, and what I found is being featured on the front page of The Denver Examiner

Merry Christmas!

Santa is on his way, which means the ski resorts will be under-crowded on Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day. I love to take advantage of the wide-open runs while carving through Colorado’s finest, all with that Christmas magic in the air.

My latest as the Denver Snowboarding Examiner looks at why you should consider skiing or boarding on the holiest of holies. I’ve got some great memories from Christmases past at Loveland, Eldora, and Wolf Creek. I’m hoping to duplicate that this year.

Take a read at myfive reasons to hit the slopes on Christmas Day over at the Denver Examiner.