Sustainable Slopes: Aspen Skiing Company


It’s a green week for me on the snowboarding front. First, the Mountain Rider’s Alliance and now Aspen. If you’re going to enjoy Mother Nature’s gift, it’s best to do it responsibly.

That’s why my latest article as the Denver Snowboarding Examiner features the cool things Aspen is doing to protect the environment.

The Sustainable Ski Industry


I hate to admit this, but the skiing and snowboarding industry can have super-negative effects on the environment. Think of what needs to happen for a ski resort to run:

  • Environmental degradation due to runoff from cleared slopes
  • Traffic, and lots of it
  • Displacement of wildlife

My inner hippie is bummed at these facts, but I do hold out hope, that with companies like Bamboo Rider, Niche Snowboards, Patagonia and that with organizations like the Ski Area Citizens Coalition, Protect Our Winters, and the Mountain Rider’s Alliance the ski industry can lessen its impact on the environment. Maybe even coexist.

This week, I’ve written about the Mountain Rider’s Alliance, an international ski co-op that is dedicated not just to cutting down on water bottle use, but to completely change the business model of ski resorts so that sustainability is built into the infrastructure and its philosophy. No after-market green practices here.

Read about the Mountain Rider’s Alliance’s approach to sustainable slopes.