The Scientists at Los Alamos May Have Had Sweetteeth

Or, they may have just enjoyed sitting by the river, enjoying sunny New Mexico days and dry nights within the comfort of a local’s home.

That local was Edith Warner, and once again, as a woman of history, she did not lead armies into battle or change public policy. She became a part of history by doing what women in the 1940s did everyday: making a comfortable home, homemade and to-die for chocolate cake.

Dudes like Oppenheimer, Bohrs, and Fermi would spend many hours at Warner’s cozy adobe home, trying to forget the days’ research. They were thankful for her undemanding company and her abilities in the kitchen.

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The Kennedys Are in the News Again

The passing of Ms. Eunice means the Kennedys are all over the media. Again.

Maybe you’re sick of the Kennedys. If so, maybe a look at the Kennedy women is in order.