Lizzie Borden Was a Cold-Hearted Killer

Even though the 1892 all-white male jury found otherwise, the circumstantial evidence against this taciturn young woman means that we find her guilty in the court of public opinion, even without the murder weapon.

Who needs a murder weapon when you’ve got erratic behavior and a massive inheritance at stake? The American legal system, apparently.

But THE trial of the 19th century, where a young woman is acquitted of hacking her parents to death, is worth revisiting. Especially on Halloween Eve.

Playing Lady MacBeth


I know you’re a playful bunch and are busy right now planning, nay, scheming for Halloween. The females tend to flock to the sexy – sexy librarian, sexy cocktail waitress, sexy gorilla – anything that allows you to dress more revealing than you usually do and not risk being called names.

Femme fatales are hot, too. One of the hottest and most famous femme fatales is Lady MacBeth, the dark, determined woman who would see her husband king, morals be damned.

This week, in the spirit of Halloween, I wrote a tribute to the iron-willed heroine turned crazy lady of the Scottish Play.