Genghis Khan’s Ball and Chain

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has more than just dioramas of cavemen of the pre-GEICO era. Its special exhibits are world class.

From October 16, 2009 to February 7, 2010, Genghis Khan invades the museum, and like everything else he ever invaded (except for Afghanistan), he conquered well.

For me it brought up the question of what it’s like to be married to the most famous barbarian, the most successful conqueror of all of Asia and beyond.  I gleaned much about Borte, the famous first lady, from the exhibit.

Sticks and Hoops at Old Sturbridge Village


I was in Rhode Island just last week and had the opportunity to revisit one Old Sturbridge Village, the living history museum of colonial New England.

The best part of the day? Playing games with my family.