Women Cyclists You’ve Never Heard Of

There are very few instances when I get to write about women, feminism (sssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone), history, and cycling all at once. When I get to do those on a day when I also get to go on a bike ride, I’m pretty much living the life.

This week I profiled four women cyclists in history who were good, and not just good for a girl.

Denver’s Newest Snowboarding Examiner

That’s me, readers. I landed this new writing gig just in time for the Olympics and Mr. White-Tomato-Animal’s air-tacular performance in the half-pipe.

And tis only fitting that I write about the White Animal himself.

My not-so-secret stash of future snowboarding articles can be found here: http://www.examiner.com/x-39010-Denver-Snowboarding-Examiner

I’ll be writing for the Examiner a few times a week, and you can subscribe to my updates by hitting the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

Happy carving and reading, in that order.

Year-end Wrap-up at mtobikes.com

I’ve got such a thing for hyphens.

Top post and picks, look under News.  Yours truly has the second-most viewed post for mtobikes and garnered a couple of other top tens.  Look for more from Carl and company in the coming year.